Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Samsung chat 332

Are you looking for a new phone this summer? A phone where you can chat, do personal calls and texts at the same time. You may want to buy the Samsung chat 332. The Samsung chat 332 is only accessible on 2G network and carries very bulky dimensions of 109.5 x 60 x 12.3 mm and weighs only 95 g. The TFT display is too large that is 2.2 inches and bears 256K colors with high resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. Yet again you can have great features like Optical track-pad and QWERTY keyboard. The amazing camera is of 1.3 MP that has high resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels takes excellent pictures as well as videos. The other striking features are Music Player, EDGE, Blue-tooth, GPRS, Messages, gaming, Radio and many more.

The best way to get these deals easily is through online comparison portals. Samsung Chat 322 looks like the business phone as powered with the QWERTY. It supports the memory storage up to 8GB and internally powered with 54MB. The attractive feature of the device is that it is a Dual Sim phone where you can use two Sim cards easily. This device is very efficient to use and very user friendly, also it supports numerous of entertainment features like music player and games

The Samsung chat 332 can also connect to your friends and relatives anytime via internet on the device. And you can connect to any unsecured network so you can use its internet for free through its wifi.
This device is also having the great battery backup and it offers you a talk time of 11 hours. Samsung chat 322 deals are highly effective and users can get them from online shops at their pocket rates. So, if you are planning to have a new phone the Samsung chat 332 is the best phone for you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

X-men: first class

The new movie that every one is waiting for is finally coming. X-men: first class is an american superhero film directed by matthew VAugh based on the characters appearingin marvel comics. The film is the fifth installment of the X-Men film series and a prequel to the first three movies. X-Men: First Class is scheduled for release on June 3, 2011.

The story begins In 196 when Charles Xavier starts up a school and later a team, for humans with superhuman abilities. Among them is Erik Lensherr, his best friend... and future archenemy. The film stars James McAvoy as Professor X and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. Other cast members include Kevin Bacon, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence and Lucas Till. The film was mostly shot in England and parts of the United States. Fox envisions this film as the first in a new trilogy.

Watch the trailer of the upcoming movie Xmen: First Class.

22nd birthday celebration of April Rio Cagoco

Last Sunday, April 17, 2011 we celebrated the 22nd birthday of our dearest friend April Rio Cagoco. At the same time it was also the 2nd anniversary of our company (firstpage websearch solution), her best friend Laarni planned to surprised her through a birthday song at exactly 12 midnight. Although there are lots of troubles before the surprised still we did it very well. Tears shred in April’s eyes when she heard our birthday song for her. The band singer called her after that to sing a song for herself. It was a drama yet happiest moment for her I guess. After that night, we planned another surprised for her,a surprised kids party in her house. Through the help of her best friend Laarni, her sister ason, ason’s boy friend reymart, and few friends of ours we successfully surprised the birthday celebrant in her kids party. My favorite part of the party is when April opened the door and yanyan threw the confetti in her face. It was a crazy but a very surprising idea of yan2. Few friends and officemates of ours came on that night and enjoy the foods they prepared. It was a memorable night for her and for us although some of us went home immediately after the party because most of us were already tired and sleepy.

HAPPY 22nd birthday April Rio 

May U hav mOrE b'dAys tO cOmE ^_^

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez Death

Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez also known as “AJ Perez” was a well-known young Filipino actor. He was a member of the circle of homegrown talents known as star magic batch 13 in ABS-CBN. He portrayed the lead character in the 2009 miniseries Your Song Presents: Underage. Last Sunday, April 17, 2011 Antonello Joseph Sartez “AJ” Perez was pronounced dead on arrival at 12:20 a.m. in a vehicular accident that took place along McArthur Highway in Barangay San Julian, Moncada in Tarlac.
According to early investigation AJ was sleeping when the van he was riding collided with a partas provincial passenger bus after overtaking a trailer truck. According to a doctor’s finding, AJ suffered from multiple head injuries causing his death.

According to the report Aj’s companions were reported also injured and were rushed to the hospital. But it was AJ who had the worst hit in the accident.

According to entertainment news sites posts Aj came from a show in Dagupan, Pangasinan for the celebration of the annual Bangus Festival there.

His television appearances included ASAP, Abt Ur Luv and as a guest in some ABS-CBN shows. His recent main cast role was Candido “Dido” Sandoval in the primetime television series, “Sabel.”

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finding your true love

Are you having difficulties in finding your true love? If so, then you are certainly not alone. Possibly, you already been through a lot of previous relationship yet frustrated for the reason that the person you expected to be your lifetime partner turned out not to be the love of your life. Finding your true love is extremely a thorny mission because it’s very complicated to identify if what you feel is true love,  lust or just simply an infatuation, but although there is a complication on that, you can read on some helpful answers what will able to help you place on the right path. 

Have an unlimited option.

One of the very significant steps in finding the right person is to place you out there. In view of the fact that various relationship started on their first meet at school, work or even at the bar or a club through a common friend. Various relationships were even started on text or even in an online chat.

Look for a place where most singles gather and be a frequent visitor on that area. Be friendly to everyone and make sure to add new friend in your friends list every day. In that way you’ll be able to have atleast one closest friend that might turn out to be your “one and only”. Nowadays there are countless ways to find a partner. Lots of online dating site are available, or through social network, texts, and many more. Try it all, you’ll never know one of it will work.

Identify what really you are looking for

Think of the qualities that you are looking for and are important to you. Think what kind of relationship you are looking for? Make sure that you didn’t miss even a single one because a single mistake might enough to be the reason of a broken relationship. If you’re looking for an attractive person then make sure to include that on your list. Try to consider the sense of humor of a person that might be important to you, the intelligence, ambition, etc. There are countless individual out there who might possess the qualities that you are seeking.

Stick on whatever standards you set

After recognizing all the qualities that you seek then stick on it. Forcing a person to change usually doesn’t work. More often it will end into a lovers’ quarrel that generally the reason of a broken relationship. Focusing your attention to the guy that you attempt to change might be a cause that you miss the right person. Never waste your time to someone who doesn’t meet your standards. Always know that you deserve better.

Never give up

Always bear in mind that knowing your true love or seeking the right person will take some time. It’s important that you never gave up and never get discourage because that might lead you to lowering your standards. Nobody wants to be disappointed in the end. As an alternative, do whatever things that makes you happy until you become ready for that person at the right place and at the right time.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maling Akala

mundo ko’y nag iba simula ng dumating ka
paligid ay sumaya ng ikaw’y makasam
lumiwanag ang buhay at naging makulay
bawat araw sumasaya na para bang di na matatapos pa.

nang ika’y lumisan pusoy nasaktan
nang ika’y lumayo puso’y nabigo
umalis ka na di man lumingon
lahat kinalimutan at di na binalikan

ako’y nag isa at naging malungkot
sumimangot ang muka daig pang maasim na suka
tawa’t saya ay nawala, at di na makita.
sa pagkawala mo ako ay naging EMO.

di na umasa na ikay bumalik pa
di na umasa na ako’y maalala
sa pagkat ako’y naging masaya na
at natutong humanap ng iba

pag asa’y ma’y di makita
na makahanap ng hihigit pa sayo
pero puso’y mag hihintay
kahit pa sa habang buhay

Salamat nalang sa mga ala-ala
na iyong iniwan sa pusong luhaan
ito’y di lilimutin kailan pa man
pag ibig na minsay inakalang magtatagal magpakailan man.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Its Ok to cry

Hi guys! 
Please bear with my background music, I’ve been awfully sad this past few days for personal reason and I can't express it on public or even in front of my closest friend so I just express it in here through the song that is currently playing. The song was entitled it’s ok to cry, I like that song cause it helps me to release my emotions through its lyrics, I'm sure you are emotional sometimes but you're just afraid to show it in front of many people cause some might afraid to be called "emo" or they're afraid that somebody would make fun of them just like me. So I prefer to express it online where nobody knows me, where I am completely stranger cause it really feels great when you release the burden you felt in your heart.

So I hope you will also enjoy the song and thanks for visiting my page.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ABS - CBN summer station ID

Many of you still haven't seen yet the summer station of ABS - CBN in titled BidaBest. The song was awesome, the lyrics was clear and the beat is very nice when you hear it you can't help yourself but to dance and feel the summer breeze. The video was of full of kapamilya stars, jumping, feels like a never ending happiness. I love the ballerina in the video she dances cheerfully as well as the kids playing joyfully. I never thought that Diether is still in abs-cbn I was surprised when I saw him on the video. And my favorite part is I saw my idol Sarah Geronimo even though she has no part to sing even a single line in the song. Well, here’s the video for you to enjoy the summer with the ABS –CBN summer station ID.