Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday celebration to our dear friend rusty "Tboy A erh" Cedenio

Last March 24 we celebrated an advance birthday celebration to our dear friend rusty "Tboy A erh" Cedenio. We celebrated it in tukuran Zamboanga del sur, together with some friends of ours.

We used the motorcycle of James, Quilmahn, Beth and rusty in order for us to reach the beach. But before we proceed to the beach we bought meat and fish first in tukuran public market in order that we can have something to cook for our lunch. Then we drop by at Jonash’s house to get some things that we could use “pinggan, plato, at cellophane na punit”. It was pouring when we reach the said location. The place is nice, spacious yet hidden by numerous healthy mangroves and there are only few people who occupied the three cottages.

Some of us prepared our lunch while others are having fun playing and taking pictures “pang facebook lang po!”. When the foods are ready we decided to wait our friend Jodel that is still coming to our location. So James picked him in the town where he‘s waiting Because he doesn’t know our exact location “ang bagal-bagal kasi.. char! Nag salita. ^_^”.

We took a lot of pictures during that time “smile dito, smile doon”. And for the reason that we cannot swim properly on that beach because the tide was very low so we decided to transfer to the other beach resort where we can play and swim. We played “bulan-bulan” which is a very funny yet tiring game fortunately “walang napilayan” yet “maraming nasugatan lol”.
When the sunset we decided then to go home, because the rain was so hard and most of us brought a laptop some of us decided to stay in Jonash house where they left it. The six of us decided to go home for the reason that April’s and Quilmhan’s father is already seeking them. Since we don’t have a choice so we decided to go home through the very hard rain it was a cold ride yet our only chance.

All of us arrived at home safely though starving for dinner. “MAKAPASMONG LAAG”

Monday, March 21, 2011

horrifying evening

This is one of the horrifying evening for me and for my friend. It started this evening while we are working with our respective tasks when someone is whistling. My friend hears it first because I wasn’t there on the room; I was outside buying some foods to eat. When I came back she’s already terrified on that whistle she heard. I didn’t mind it at first pwede naman kasing mga tao lang sa paligid ang may kagagawan nun at di ko talaga narinig. But after a while I started to hear it too. I felt like somebody is whistling at my back after a while sa harap ko na naman then sa right side ko at tapos sa left side. Para bang ang bilis maka lipat ng tao sa loob ng room when I try to look outside to see kung merong tao pero unfortunately wala akong nakita. At napaka imposible din na may tao dahil elevated yung room or kung meron man ay naririnig naming ang mga yapak nito sa paligid pero wala talaga akong makita at marinig. At natakot ng sobra ang friend ko. She always hold my shoulder whenever she heard the whistle though I always told her na wala lang yun o baka me tao na walang magawa at nananakot samin. Pero pinilit kong di matakot though almost na akong madala sa takot dahil narin sa kanya. At nang sunod sunod na ang whistle na naririnig niya dali dali siyang nag shut down ng notebook niya at nagpahatid sakin sa sakayan. After she left the room the whistle stops at wala na talaga akong narinig. Seems may sumusunod nga sa kanya according to her na kababalaghan. Nakakatakot man isipin pero we need to stay strong when it comes to paranormal activities. We need to trust God and believe that he’s the only one who can save us and help us in times of difficulty and trouble.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

FPW trip

Fpw Trip Slideshow: Jem-Jem’s trip to Pagadian City (near Dipolog), Mindanao, Philippines was created by TripAdvisor. See another Dipolog slideshow. Create your own stunning slideshow with our free photo slideshow maker.


Each person in this world faces their own destiny and walk along their own journey. Some people believe that they are making their own path were in fact God is the only one who’s making our story and each episode on it depends on our wants, needs and our deeds. Sometimes we easily get our needs or maybe our wants through prayers but those wants which can give optimistic effects to us.

I believe that it happened sometimes. But you must be patient in order for you to get it. There are times that I can say that life is unfair because sometimes I say that I deserve those things that I haven’t. But my speculation was wrong because there are times that we already have those belongings but we just don’t give it an importance that’s why it vanishes so easily and we don’t often notice it.

There are chances that pass only once and never come back. Sometimes those chances are on our hand and all we have to do is to utilize it in the greatest manner that we can do. But often, we just take it for granted and most of us just wasted it because they thought that there are still more.

There are many promises I promised to myself since I was a child and yet no one realize but I am not giving up. I know someday, somehow it will be come true.

It’s Innate to us to plan for our future. As the matter of fact I am so confused and sad about my future because I am not so sure about it. Things are happening so fast. Changes happened around us or even in our lives every now and then. I want to taste the life of being an independent and free. I want to live a life without a problem and I want to explore the world in its beauty, to help other people as well and become friends to everyone. I don’t need fame all I is a simple life that’s filled with love and happiness.

May all our dreams come true. God Bless us.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Dream

My Dream
My Dream i had a dream before a childhood dream im longing for as i age and grow my dream becomes clearer and i realize that what im dreaming for is YOU now that im older and wiser as my dream becomes reality i thank mr. destiny and ms. faith for giving YOU to me but before anything else, I thank God for letting me to dream about YOU. as i make this poem for you keep in mind that all im thinking is YOU. as you read this poem hope you realize how much I LOVE YOU.
My Dream i had a dream before a childhood dream im longing for  as i age and grow my dream becomes clearer and i realize that what im dreaming for is YOU  now that im older and wiser as my dream becomes reality  i thank mr. destiny and ms. faith for giving YOU to me but before anything else, I thank God for letting me to dream about YOU.  as i make this poem for you keep in mind that all im thinking is YOU. as you read this poem hope you realize how much I LOVE YOU.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan’s earthquake shifted balance of the planet

Last week's shocking earthquake and tsunami in Japan has actually moved the land mass closer to the United States and shifted the planet's axis.

The quake caused a rift 15 miles below the sea floor that stretched 186 miles long and 93 miles wide, according to the AP. The areas closest to the epicenter of the quake jumped a full 13 feet closer to the United States, geophysicist Ross Stein at the United States Geological Survey told The New York Times.

The world's fifth-largest, 8.9 magnitude quake was caused when the Pacific tectonic plate dove under the North American plate, which shifted Eastern Japan towards North America by about 13 feet (see NASA's before and after photos at right). The quake also shifted the earth's axis by 6.5 inches, shortened the day by 1.6 microseconds, and sank Japan downward by about two feet. As Japan's eastern coastline sunk, the tsunami's waves rolled in.

Why did the quake shorten the day?  The earth's mass shifted towards the center, spurring the planet to spin a bit faster. Last year's massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile also shortened the day, but by an even smaller fraction of a second. The 2004 Sumatra quake knocked a whopping 6.8 micro-seconds off the day.

After the country's 1995 earthquake, Japan placed high-tech sensors around the country to observe even the slightest movements, which is why scientists are able to calculate the quake's impact down to the inch. "This is overwhelmingly the best-recorded great earthquake ever," Lucy Jones, chief scientist for the Multi-Hazards project at the U.S. Geological Survey, told The Los Angeles Times.

source:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110314/ts_yblog_thelookout/japans-earthquake-shifted-balance-of-the-planet

Unforgettable Celebrations

Last March 13 we celebrated the birthday of our very own friend Mr. QQ at the same time the thanks giving of his elder brother Kuya M.

It was an unforgettable celebration because it was the first time that I tasted one of the strongest alcohol I've ever taste before the “Gilbeys”  and  at the same time it was also the first time that we are all gathered together especially our mentors who are always busy with their schedules.

We are already aware that there will be a drinking session although there are several friends of ours who refused to drink that alcohol. But since we couldn’t escape that party so we forcibly drank and joined the session.

We discussed so many things on that moment Until Kuya M sat down beside me and joined us. Kuya M is really an attractive guys aside from his diverse manner from his younger brother he has a very charismatic personality.

My mistake on that time is that I told my traitor friend of mine “animal” how cute kuya M is and she then told all of our drink mates about it so everyone tease me.

Every time Kuya offers me a glass of alcohol I couldn't refuse then because all of them will look at me and tease me until I drink it. Until the time came that I was out of control and I vomit on the motorcycle of my friend. After that I don't remember anything what happened next. 

On the next day I just saw photos on facebook captured by one of our mentor. Some of it refreshes my memory of all the activities happened on that evening. All of us enjoyed that night yet embarrassing on my part. ^_^

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just for fun

Hi there,

I posted this advertisement because I am sure that there are several people who can relate to this.

Let's try to see who these people are..

Hehehehe.... Peace mga baboy ^_^..

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sucker Punch - American action-fantasy film

Sucker Punch is an upcoming American action-fantasy film written by Steve Shibuya and Zack Snyder, and directed by Snyder.This film features an ensemble female cast that includes Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung. The film follows a young girl in the 1950s about to be lobotomized as she attempts to escape an asylum with her inmate friends.

Development began in March 2007. The script, which was penned by Snyder and Shibuya, was finalized in five years and was actually planned to be made first before Watchmen. For Sucker Punch, Snyder gathered most of the Vancouver-based production team who worked on Watchmen Pre.-production took place in Los Angeles in June 2009, and then moved to Vancouver in July. Principal photography began in September 2009 and accomplished in January 2010; filming took place in Vancouver.

Sucker Punch is scheduled to be released in both conventional and IMAX theatres on March 25, 2011. It was previously announced that the film would be released October 8, 2010. Snyder is currently mapping out the Blu-ray interactivity for the film in preparation for the film's home media release.

8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan

The 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami was an 8.9-magnitude earthquake that created tsunami waves of up to 10 metres (33 ft).It was measured at 7 on the JMA seismic intensity scale in the northern Miyagi prefecture, while the Japan Meteorological Agency's tsunami warning listed the magnitude as 8.8. The epicenter was reported to be off the Oshika Peninsula, the east coast of Tohoku, Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 05:46 UTC (2:46 p.m. local time) at a depth of 24.4 kilometres (15.2 mi).

The magnitude of 8.9 made it the largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history and the seventh largest in the world since records began.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One of my dreams: To see the magic of Northern Lights

 Since I saw photos of this so called aurora borealis or the northern lights it became one of my illusive dreams to see this one in person. I want to be one of the witnesses of the astounding beauty of the most magical creation of God during the night.

 The northern lights, aurora borealis, are an incredibly amazing display of nature, which can only really be appreciated in person.There are several countries in which it is possible to see the northern lights, and the 'best' of these is often argued. Clarity, brightness and awe-inspiring value of the lights is dependant almost completely on the time of year, weather and several other environmental factors. This can be another hurdle in deciding where to go.

 According to science the cause of northern lights is that our sun is continually spewing positive ions (positively charged parts of atoms) into space due to the nuclear processes that keep it burning.
The flow of ions, which occurs in all directions, is called the Solar Wind and is actually a stream of protons, or hydrogen nuclei.  When the particles that make up this wind near the Earth, they tend to be funneled toward the Earth’s poles by Earth’s magnetic field.  When they reach our atmosphere, they are moving fast they knock electrons out of atoms in the upper atmosphere.
When those loose electrons are caught by another atom, light is emitted.  The color of light depends on the type of gas, or atoms, involved.  Each type of gas emits a characteristic color when it captures an electron.

Green is oxygen, red hydrogen, and blue nitrogen.
This light is what we see as the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis.  They are called Northern Lights because the poles of the Earth’s magnetic field are near the north and south poles.  Light seen around the south pole are called the Southern Lights or the Corona Borealis.
Sometimes, the flow of ions from the sun gets stronger, and the Northern Lights can reach closer to the equator then they might otherwise.  Last June and November had spectacular displays because the sun was in one of its active phases.  It was so intense that even people as far south as Texas and Tennessee saw the lights.  This activity cycle is a long one (about 11 years), so keep your eyes on the sky this summer.

These are the best places where you will be able to see the northern lights.
Alaska is one of the best places to go — http://www.travelalaska.com/ — where clicking on "Winter Vacations" will take you to "Northern Lights Viewing," a directory of several tour companies and resorts that specialize in showing you the lights in comfort. For an unfortunately brief glimpse of the show, visit their "Alaska Photo Gallery" and search for the lights. Check out "Travel Specials" to see if anything suits your plans.

You could also head inland to Fairbanks — http://www.explorefairbanks.com/ — which claims to be one of the best spots around for seeing the aurora; look for the entry under "Features" on the left of the page. And while you're in the state, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race — http://www.iditarod.com/ — coming up on March 1, might give you a reason to visit more of Alaska.
There's even an Aurora Forecast — http://www.gedds.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast/ — from the University of Alaska Fairbanks to give you a hint of what could be coming, but it's only a short-term forecast.

Next door to Alaska in Canada, the Yukon — http://www.travelyukon.com/en/ — has more opportunities for aurora-viewing travel. Click on "Outdoor Adventure" to "Aurora Viewing" for links to tour companies and a resort at the city of Whitehorse. Check out "Plan Your Trip" for travel packages, airlines and travel tips, including licenses for hunting and fishing. A service not listed on the Yukon web site, Aurora Borealis & Northern Lights Tours Yukon — http://www.auroraborealisyukon.com/ — has a collection of tours, their own aurora forecast page, and a video (really a slide show with an annoying sound track).

A little more out of the way, in Canada's Northwest Territories, the city of Yellowknife — http://www.northernfrontier.com/ — has "Things To Do" that include admiring the Northern Lights. It modestly says the city is "the best location in the world" for seeing the lights. The place can get nasty cold — minus 40, which they call "crisp" — but that's not enough to keep away thousands of aurora watchers. And there's a link to the local aurora forecast.

A bit farther south, in the province of Alberta, Fort McMurray — http://www.fortmcmurraytourism.com/ — opens its "Northern Lights" page with a sample from Robert Service's poem of the same name. Along with links to a couple of tour companies with "Aurora' in their names, there's a pretty video if you don't mind the long download time.
Closer to the U.S. Northeast, the mining town of Fermont — http://www.caniapiscau.net/tourism/index.html — says its isolation in northern Quebec and low level of light pollution make it a great place to see the aurora. Isolated, yes, but you can get there by train; click on "Access to the Area." Don't fancy a winter visit to this outpost? Browse "Activity" for information on fishing and hunting.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket and catch a flight now to witness its astounding beauty.

Michael Buble Haven't Met You Yet

This is one of my favorite song because I can relate to it.
Enjoy listening ^_^

I'm not surprised, not everything lasts
I've broken my heart so many times, I stopped keeping track
Talk myself in, I talk myself out
I get all worked up, then I let myself down

I tried so very hard not to lose it
I came up with a million excuses
I thought, I thought of every possibility

And I know someday that it'll all turn out
You'll make me work, so we can work to work it out
And I promise you, kid, that I give so much more than I get
I just haven't met you yet

I might have to wait, I'll never give up
I guess it's half timing, and the other half's luck
Wherever you are, whenever it's right
You'll come out of nowhere and into my life

And I know that we can be so amazing
And, baby, your love is gonna change me
And now I can see every possibility

And somehow I know that it'll all turn out
You'll make me work, so we can work to work it out
And I promise you, kid, I give so much more than I get
I just haven't met you yet

They say all's fair
In love and war
But I won't need to fight it
We'll get it right and we'll be united

And I know that we can be so amazing
And being in your life is gonna change me
And now I can see every single possibility

And someday I know it'll all turn out
And I'll work to work it out
Promise you, kid, I'll give more than I get
Than I get, than I get, than I get

Oh, you know it'll all turn out
And you'll make me work so we can work to work it out
And I promise you kid to give so much more than I get
Yeah, I just haven't met you yet

I just haven't met you yet
Oh, promise you, kid
To give so much more than I get

I said love, love, love, love
Love, love, love, love
(I just haven't met you yet)
Love, love, love, love
Love, love
I just haven't met you yet

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Good day to all my visitors and blog readers. Today I am about to write about love and you might wondering why but me too can’t explain. It’s because I never loved before, I never felt the magic of love in my entire life and I never met my partner yet. All I do these years is flirting with different people through chat, twitter, blogs and many more. Currently I have two social networking sites which are twitter and facebook, two blog sites which are tumblr and blogger. I have also google buzz and yahoo pulse but I’m not active to these because I have less followers and most users are from other countries.

I joined these social sites to see if I can find someone special. Everyday I check my facebook and twitter account to see if there are new notifications, mentions or just a friend request. Hoping that someone will come and change my life but until now nobody comes. I don’t feel the feeling of being in love yet, it’s still so empty and spacious inside but I’m not closing the door because I’m still hoping that somebody will come and open it and fill the empty space inside. I’ve been reading love stories and giving advice to numerous friends of mine although I never experience it.

There are some people came and I thought they are the one I’ve been waiting for but as time goes by I realized that they are no good for me. When I feel lonely I just think of my ambition which are to travel around the world, to help my parents and to accomplish something I promised to myself. According to several friends of mine I’m still young and still have a very long journey.
I’ll just wait for the right time. I believe that patience is a virtue.

But, what if the right time never comes? What if there’s no one waiting for me? What If I can’t find that person? What if these questions are real?

Will I live happily forever?

For now, these questions are unanswered.

Let's just see what surprises are waiting for me in the future. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Being Alone

Most of us sometimes need a peace of mind. That's why sometimes I'd rather stay alone than to stay in a bothersome and a noisy environment. When I was a kid I used to be alone because my parents are not always on our house. They always go to our rice field to do a lot of work which is far from our home. My brothers and sisters are also studying from distant colleges. I was still in high school that time so they just left me some can goods and noodles for me to consume for several days.

Since I am also the youngest and I only learn few household chores because my elder sisters and brothers do it for me. But during that time, I learned how to do it like rice cooking, frying and many more except for ironing clothes. That was the most difficult household chore for me. Good thing that every morning my cousin drops by our house to help me ironing my clothes. She’s really a big help for me.

It was a lonely days for me because it feels like you’re the only person in the world. I went home alone; I eat and sleep all by myself. But I like it because no one bothered me while I’m sleeping, nobody tells me what’s wrong and right, nobody yells at me, nobody will interfere anything  I do. I discover things on my own and I enjoy it. I learned in my own mistakes.

But there are times that we need a companion, especially when we are displeasant and cheerless. It’s good to have somebody to talk to because it feels more relieving. Sharing your feelings to others feel's better rather than keeping it on your own.

But there are persons who keep on hiding their feeling rather than sharing it with others. Like me, I often keep my inner emotions especially when it’s all about loneliness, love and anger. I prefer to share happiness than that but I’m not sure if its good, cause I feel it’s not, but I'm not also sure on how they will react if I will share it. I'm afraid to lose them and I don’t wanna hurt anyone as well.

When I am angry I often smile at them and show them that I’m not affected although it hurts inside. I often say "It's Ok" though it’s not,” I’m alright" though I’m not, "that's nothing" though it means something to me. I'll just let the time heal the wounds for me to move on.
Although I always find a way to laugh there are still some period that I’m lonely. Sometimes I feel that I’m waiting or seeking for something or someone. I don’t know I’m confused. There are times that I want to go alone and try to figure things out.
I’m not sure but I guess this is not love; I never love before but I’m sure I know it when I know it. It’s not the feeling of being in love.  I want to figure out what is this. Maybe only time can tell.

Mabait Adventure

Last Saturday we had a trip to Mabait beach. That trip happened because of the thanks giving of the sister company of the company that im currently working. But before that event I had the most embarasssing experience together with some friends buti at di ako nag iisa.

It was friday when our HR send us an invitation for the thanks giving through email. It was clearly stated on the invitation that the thanksgiving will start at 11:00AM. But because of our lazyness we arrived in the office at almost 12:00 noon. We were surprise when we arrived because all of them are already eating and the ceremony was done.

It was like oi, di halata na pagkain lang yung pinunta natin. Lol. Everybody laugh and stare on us but we didn't mind them kasi wala naman kaming magagawa.

Dahil sa dami ng pagkain na naiwan we decided na dalhin nalang sa beach at doon kainin at para makaligo na rin. But because only few people arrived at the exact time na pinag usapan. Ayun, na change yung location ng trip namin.

We agreed na sa mabait nalang kami pumunta. Then when we arrived ayun at nilapa agad ang lechon baboy, wawa naman ng lechon walang kalaban labang nilapa ng mga taong gutom. Yung iba ay naligo na agad at dahil sa di ko feel maligo that time. Sumabay nalang ako sa ibang group. At nag inuman nlang kami at nag pictorial.

Hanggan sa nakauwi kami mga bandang hapon, although di gaanong magaling yung driver namin kasi nahulog yung gulong sa sementong daanan kasi one lane lang yung road, naka uwi parin kami ng maayos.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love mo pa rin naman 'sya. :)

Love mo pa rin naman 'sya. J

World War I:
Bakit nga ba tayo nagagalit sa isang tao??!! Kasi mali sya? kasi di mo trip ginagawa nya? Kasi gusto mo lang? Kasi ayaw mo talaga sa kanya?? Oh baka naman kasi kagaya kita na nag gagalit galitan kasi takot ka na makita kung ano talaga ang nasa isip mo at puso mo, takot ka na masabi na weak ka. hahaha,,, Ikaw minsan ganon ka din ba? Naisip mo ba na yung tao na kinaiinisan mo, sya pa minsan yung tao na madalas mo hinahanap at taong gusto mo maka-usap tapus pag naka usap mo naman naiinis ka, napapansin mo ba na ang ngiti mo,eh, iba pag ang bawat banat nya eh sapul ka yung tamang pa-sweet na banat at pa-simpleng huli parang ganito "ikaw ah naiinis ako sayo bakit ka ba naiinis lagi sakin siguro kasi mahal moko??" tapus ikaw naman tamang deny to death "huwaaaatttt kapal ng F mo, ako pa?! baka ikaw! sus never!!!" pero deep inside anu nga ba???

World War II:

Inis ka nga ba sakanya??? Ayaw mo nga ba sakanya??? Teka teka, bakit yung World War I eh naka relate ka??? Asus!!!! Kunwari ka pa lakas mo mag deny... Hmmm sa totoo lang 'di ko din maintindihan kung bakit ako ganyan, gusto ko ba sya o baka naman T.H. lang  ako (T.H.=tamang hinala) at tamang takot lang ako na di na ako ang pansinin nya kaya pretend lagi na naiinis kahit wala naman dapat kainisan. Naalala ko tuloy pag may kausap sya syempre ang banat "hi, hello, kamusta ka? ako nga pala si keme na taga keme mabait, pero medyo bastos" tapus ikaw naka subabay sa mga sinasabi nya pinipilit iwas ang sarili sa usapan nila ng hindi mo alam na ang dugo mo eh umaakyat na sa utak mo at ang tingin mo kulang na lang eh maging kutsilyo at sa bawat tingin mo saksak abot nya huwahahah oh oh oh mag hulos dili ka minsan di mo namamalayan talaga ang mga ganon. Sabagay nalalaman mo na lang na galit ka na sakanya kasi sa mga ganitong eksena na bigla sya mag tatanong sayo kunwari "diba Jeric mabait ako at malambing" at ikaw naman na walang ka malay malay na akala mo okay lang at kaya mo ang mga sitwasyon, babanat ng "Aba, oo, mabait yan sana nga kunin na ni lord" huwahaha sus huli ka tapus wala na away nanaman kayo bakbakan nanaman dahil mainit na ulo mo na kahit ano kilos nya na tama para sayo lagi may mali hahaha.

World War III:

Naisip mo ba na sa tuwing nandyan sya gusto mo palagi ka nya nakikita?? Nakaka-usap?? Kahit hindi tuloy tuloy basta mayat maya eh tamang banggit sya ng pangalan mo. Kinikilig ang keme mo noh?! Hahaha oo  kasi ako minsan ganon oh baka nga ako lang siguro nakakaramdam ng ganon, pero bakit nga ba ganon may idea ka ba?? Ako kasi wala basta ang alam ko, gusto ko andun ako, kasama ako sa usapan kahit singit singit lang, oh sadyang, seloso ako pero di masabi pwede bang ganon yun?? Pero parang siguro nga selos ang tawag sa mga nabanggit ko, siguro nga mahal na ang tawag dun, siguro nga takot lang ako, o, takot lang tayo na aminin na ang bawat World War na dumadaan sa relasyon na kung anu man meron kayo/tayo eh nahuhulog na pala ang loob mo sa taong ito. Kaso takot ka na ang next World War na mangyayari eh ang maging kayo at ang ending. World War 4 na break na kayo at wala na ka sunod gaya nitong World War III at wala ng na salba kahit ang pag kakaibigan nyo... Hope you like it. Provide Feedbacks for this blog post.

Fw: Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

I don't want to love a person who believes in love at first, kasi naman I know that am not good looking, and in this world am living in their is always greater than me... Natatawa na nga lang ako pag nag mamasid ako, nakikiramdam sa paligid ko, at ang mga banat "mahal kita seryoso ako" yung iba naman "hindi ikaw lang promise" pero sa totoo lang pag may dumating na bago ganon din ang linya nila ganon din ang banat nila.'Yung iba nga, sabi, "'Pag nawala ka, mamamatay ako..", pero bakit hanggang ngayon buhay pa rin sila. Oo, minsan nasasaktan ako pero sa isip ko deadma kasi naman mahirap makipag-talo para sa taong pag sawa na sa itsura mo, sawa na sa katawan mo, sa ugali mo, eh iiwan ka na... Oo, minahal ka nya lalo na nung bago ka pa, lalo na nung wala pa yung mas higit sayo... 'Di ba naramdaman mo din yan??? 'Di ba ang sakit kasi kala mo ikaw lang... 'Di ba umasa ka kasi kala mo sya na dahil na love at first sight sya sayo nung una... Ang love at first sight nga naman, akala ko maganda, akala ko swerte, yung pala isa akong tanga. Tanga kasi na love at first sight ka sa tulad ko nung una, eh ngayon na love at first sight ka na sa iba. At ang masakit pa, ako itong umasa, ako itong mukhang tanga, ako itong "kasi nag mahal pa", ako itong pinipilit na kalimutan ka. Pwede nga ba?!?? 'Yan pa din ang tanong ko at pinipilit isiksik sa utak ko at gusto kung pag-aralan ng puso ko ang kalimutan ka. Ang kaso, ito ka, dito sa puso ko naka ukit ka, dito sa utak ko tumatakbo ka. Kung pwede nga lang mag- "TAYMPERS MUNA" sa sayo, ginawa ko na. Daig mo pa ang ang i-touch ko kasi "i always wana listen to you, i always wanna play with you, and most of all your to valuable to be missed placed to someone", ang kaso lang hindi ka naman kagaya ng i-touch ko na, I own you, sakin ka lang ,at ako lang para sayo. Hindi ka naman kasi gamit para itago ko sa iba at para wala ka na makitang iba, kaya nga ang sakit sakit at na love at first sight ka sa iba... O sya, tama na. Ako po si Cirej Ingalla Cunanan, ang nasulat ko po ay base sa aking napupuna, basi sa aking nararamdaman, at base sa aking nakikita. Wala po ako planong pa tamaan ang kung sino man... Sana may natutunan kayo. Sana po magustuhan ninyo. :) 

Forbidden Love

Confessions of a Broken-Heart </3

Confessions of a broken heart </3

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional~

When the love of your life leaves, you feel like your life has been shattered and that your heart has been shredded into pieces. We have all been there. Whether it was a short relationship or a break up of a long term relationship, the pain is still there.

That ultimate grief you feel when you have lost someone you thought you would be with forever is extremely hard to endure. With every break up, there is someone who is devastated whilst the other just seems to move on like nothing had happened.

Broken hearts are never healed. They haunt us for a lifetime even if we find someone else. Our past teaches us lessons that make us more aware and more human. Why then do we feel so hurt knowing it can only get better?

Breaking up with someone you care about is one of the toughest decisions any of us will ever have to go through. Dealing with the pain and heart break is never easy. We just have to live the days as they are set out and not live in the past.

All of us have had a broken heart. Even if it was a childhood sweetheart who left you for another boy who gave her a lollipop or a ten year marriage ended by adultery.

When you lose a loved one, your feelings are very volatile. You begin to tumble, crash and fall through every minute and every second that he/she is gone. Like living in the shadow of yourself, you begin to fade in and out of life.

This are.... the confessions.... of a broken heart...

This note talks about break ups, cool offs, and the such....
Share ideas or tips to help grieving hearts recover from their past....
To help them forget the bad memories of bad experiences....
To help end the suffering....
To help ease up the pain....

<The Hidden Sides, the Untold Feelings>

"Ang hirap, . . . Ang hirap magmahal ng isang taong panay mali lang ang nakikita sayo....
Na kahit mahal na mahal mo na nga xia, prang d nea un nakikita dahil panay mga kamalian mo lang ang kanyang napapansin....

Ang hirap, . . . Ang hirap magmahal ng isang taong handa kang isacrifice ang lahat para sa kanya....
Na ultimo pamilya't mga kaibigan mo, handa mong kalabanin kung kinakailangan pra lang sa kanya....
Ngunit, ganun din ba xia sayo?

Ang hirap, . . . Ang hirap magmahal ng isang taong ang sarili lang neang mga sacripisyo ang binibigyan ng halaga....
Na sa tuwing nag-aaway kayo, un ang lagi neang isusumbat sayo.... Na magpaparamdam sayong isa kang walang kwentang tao....

Ang hirap, . . . Napaka hirap i-give up ang isang taong minahal mo ng buong puso.... Ung tipong lahat ng pagmamahal sa mundo eeh binigay mo na sa kanya....
Na ultimo pagmamahal pra sa iyong sarili eeh ibinigay mo narin sa kanya't wala ka ng tinira pra sa iba....

Ang hirap, . . . Napaka hirap i-give up ng isang taong alam mong kulang pa ang lifetime mo pra maka-move on sa kanya.... Na kahit makakilala ka pa ng mas cute o mas caring sa kanya, xia at xia parin ang nilalaman ng puso't isipan mo.... Na kahit meron pang ibang dumating, xia at xia parin ang isisigaw ng puso mo't indi bibigyan ng pag-asa ung bagong dumating....

Ang hirap, . . . Napaka hirap i-give up ng isang taong gusto mo ng makasama habang buhay....
Na kahit against pa sa inyo ang buong mundo, wala kayong pakialam dahil enough na ang company neo sa isa't isa pra mabuhay ng masaya....

Ang hirap! Ang hirap tanggapin na indi na kayo! Ang hirap tanggapin na indi na maibabalik pa ang dati neong pagsasamahan! Pero this is it.... I'm drawing the line na eto na, sagad na ako, I've reached my limits.... Maxado na tayong nasaktan.... Kahit indi natin intensiong masaktan ang isa't isa, ganun at ganun parin ang nangyayari.... Malaya ka na.... Sana, mahanap mo ang happiness na indi mo kailan man nakita sa akin.... Paalam mahal ko! Paalam, Mahugs </3"

~ You know what's the hardest, bravest, and saddest thing to do in a relationship? It is to give him/her up for his/her happiness ~

posted by Cirej Ingalla Cunanan via email.


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Friday, March 4, 2011

It started as a Dream

Since when I was a child I always dream  to travel the world with a camera on my hand, to go and capture  different places, different faces and animals. To taste different dishes and to live and experience different ways of living that I only seen in television, posters, magazines, photos and videos. I always dream to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to see every corner of the world and to see its beauty. To meet new friends and socialize with them. To capture the smiles that you'll only seen once.
I know its Illusive because of my state of living. I'm not from a wealthy family that could afford the traveling expenses.I Have a job but still my income is not enough to finance everything but I still continue on dreaming. Although I don't know where will I realize it but I will never give up, well never know what lies ahead.
If God will bless me a good carrier then maybe I can realize it soon and go wherever I want to go, and  see every corner and beauty that I've never seen in my entire life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mao na jud kaha?

Kitang tanan adunay pagbati sa atong mga minahal sa kinabuhi, sa atong ginikanan, igsoon, ug sa atong mga uyab nga gihilakan sa kadaghanan ug halos pakamatyan sa uban. Naay nagmalipayon ug naka abot ang gipangita nga kalipay (kalipay sa pagmahay) ug naa poy nag goul (malas lang nila) kay gugmang gi at*y ang ilang nakaplagan. Para ninyo mao najud kaha na inyung gibati? siguroha kong gugma naba jud kaha o uw*g ra nga way kasiguruhan.

Paminaw ug paghunahuna kung "mao kaha kini ang gugma?" ^_^

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Untitled - Sulat ng mga walang magawa sa buhay

It’s been so boring since these past few days. There’s no party or outing trip that could help to ease the stress “nakakabagot na mga araw”. I'm still doing nonstop work from morning to evening and have a very least time bonding with friends “ganito na ba talaga pag working guy na?, tatanda yata ako nito ng maaga ah”. Almost every Saturday I stayed at my boarding house surfing the internet.  There is no difference to what I am doing during weekdays. I usually do twitting and sharing whatever I like to share on facebook. But I spent most of my time on twitter because I enjoy it more than facebook “lagi kasing nakikita si crush, lol”.  I received  numerous mentions from different friends on twitter almost everyday. We share greetings, thoughts, photos and whatever we want to share.  There are also new followers who followed me almost every day. I only use facebook if several friends are online.  There are times that online friends play an important role because at times they are the one comforting you when you are cheerless especially when you can’t express it to your close friends.  

On the other hand, last night I chatted my only buddy on facebook .His name is Jeric, although I didn’t know him for so long all I can say is his charming and thoughtful.  At the same time, I also twitted a friend on twitter. His name is Jazz, I have no comment about him. I asked a poem to both of them last night to post on my blog since I don’t have any idea what to post. Both of them promised to email me the poem today.   “Excited na ako, sana about friendship yun para maka relate naman ako kahit papano” 

Time check!

Its 11:45 in the morning and I am done with my tasks “kaya eto, kung anu-anu nalang ang naiisip, as usual wala paring aircon ang office buti nalang at di masyadong mainit. Thanks to the only bentelador beside me, lol” All of them are busy doing their respective tasks. Maybe that’s all I can share for today. Boring but it’s alright.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I love you followers

"Bilang pasasalamat sa mga walang sawang nag follow sa akin kahit di ko na ma mention lahat."


An Unforgetable Date

 Today I had a very nice date with my cousin.  I meet her this morning at Mcdonald Gaisano branch, then we had a few conversation while eating together with his friend but I forgot his name, then after that session we went to the second floor to find a dress for the coming wedding of her friend but unfortunately she didn’t found a dress that would fit for that occasion so we went to many boutique to find another dress but still we couldn't find a nice one. So she decided to buy in Cagayan de oro. After that we had a lunch at Green House restaurant, it was my first time to experience their ambiance "malouy nalang ta" which is very nice "tahimik ang buong paligid at maaliwalas ang hangin, sarap gawing kusina".

We chated while eating and we don't even noticed the time. We had a conversation for almost 3 hours. "mahaba habang usapan din yun".  There are so many things we discussed like about our family relation, love life, career and many others. "naging masaya parin at memorable ang lahat ng nangyari sa araw na to mabuti nalang at may time ako para makasama siya".

That’s all for today.

Goodnight guys, thanks for reading this blog.^_^